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New York City Scavenger Hunts

New York City Team Building and Private Group Programs.

Photo challenges, search missions, ancient cryptology and problem solving will make your day a great experience.

Program 1)

“Treasures of New York City” – Epic Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Duration: 120-150 minutes
Location: Bryant Park, Times Square & Midtown, New York Public Library, Grand Central

Explore the New York City and it’s best attractions with our “Treasures of New York City” scavenger hunt, starting from Times Square, the heart of the city. Teamwork is a must but this experience is unique even for individuals.

During this fun adventure, your 2-3 hours walking tour of Midtown Manhattan requires you to complete the missions in your roadbook such as solving puzzles, interacting with locals, fun photo missions, finding agents and locating historical city landmarks to earn points and win!

  • We provide you with everything you need for this great experience.
  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • All scavenger hunts have been designed with your safety in mind and you will have our hunt master’s mobile in case of an emergency or cancellation.

What to expect?

  • Brief on the event by huntmaster (No self-guided adventures)
  • You will be provided a printed roadbook, pen and a map with some clues to solve ancient cryptology.

*A smartphone connected to the WiFi or data is a must for photo missions and social media fun.

**For your comfort, wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Program 2)

“Lost in Central Park” Scavenger Hunt

Go green! Escape to the lungs of the great Metropolitan city of New York to learn the secret treasures and experiences of Central Park.
Your roadbook will lead your teams to historical and iconic landmarks in Central Park such as Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain, The Dakota, The Lake and Sheeps Meadow.

Program 3)

“The Terminal” – NYC Grand Central Terminal Scavenger Hunt

Built in 1913, and renovated in 1998, Grand Central Terminal in New York City is the departing and destination point of 67 different railways. Explore the hidden treasures of this iconic building as well as the famous iron eagles, the world’s largest Tiffany clock and hidden brick with this New York City scavenger hunt.

Program 4)

“Treasures of Brooklyn”The Brooklyn Bridge, Heights and DUMBO Scavenger Hunt

Brooklyn was once a city itself, it’s larger than Manhattan with 30 miles of shoreline and is home to 700 arts and cultural institutions. Brooklyn is a great place for unique corporate team building programs and scavenger hunts.

Program 5)

“Meeting Point” – Union Square Park Scavenger Hunt

Union Square Park was opened in 1839 and was the former center of New York City and to the greatest gatherings in New York City history. Union Square Park has transitioned from a town square to a bustling city park surrounded by the unique buildings and architecture. Nowadays, it is a great venue for your New York City team building activity.

Program 6)

“Hunting MUSEUM” – American Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt

Join an amazing race with us through the endless corridors of the American Museum of Natural History.  Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest museums in the world and is perfect ground for themed scavenger hunts. From the Dinosaur Exhibits to Hayden Planetarium, or from the ancient peoples to the fascinating animal dioramas, this New York City’s landmark holds a massive collection in over 2,000,000 square feet of space (190,000 m2).

In our program, you will have the chance to capture unforgettable images of the museum’s weirdest and most wonderful objects, and experience NYC’s world-class cultural treasures—in the form of a highly interactive scavenger game.

Program 7)

“Art & History” – The Met Scavenger Hunt

Our Metropolitan Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt is comprised of both ancient and modern mysteries! As you walk through the corridors and hallways, you will be able to experience the art, history, and culture through an exciting team-building adventure! See the Egyptian Temples, explore the ancient Greek columns, find details inside world-famous masterpieces, hear the stories of the Medieval statues, discover new types musical instruments and find out more than you could ever imagine! The Met, the world’s greatest art museum, is the ideal backdrop for a scavenger hunt, and offers you a great museum experience!

Program 8)

“Eight Blocks”– Wall street Scavenger Hunt

According to the rumors, Dutch traders purchased the island of “Man-a-hatt-a” from the Algonquin Indians in 1621 for $24 worth of beads and other trinkets. In order to protect the early settlers from British attack, a defensive wall was built in 1644, on the site of today’s world’s financial center Wall Street.

We prepared an engaging team building event in this historic downtown where the heart of the NYC’s Financial District beats. The highlights include but not limited to the Battery Park, NYSE, Federal Hall, Castle Clinton, Trinity Church, The corner, and the other famous landmarks of the financial district.

Explore the hidden gems of the Lower Manhattan, while everybody is rushing to famous tourist spots like Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. The program is fully customizable for private and corporate groups at a larger size.


Program 9)

“Custom Scavenger Hunts” & Other New York City Team Building Events

Our custom treasure hunts are the best for a corporate team building activity or team bonding activity.

These scavenger hunts are designed with unique questions and missions. Tailor-made road books lead corporate teams to the ending point at the desired venue, hotel, restaurant or conference hall.


If your team has a tight schedule we can fit this great experience into any event or program. Without the need to walk longer distances, our classical treasure hunt offers the same fun, excitement and team bonding within borders of your own venue. Both indoor and outdoor areas of the venue can easily be used. Our team will inspect your desired site to tailor an exciting team building adventure specifically for you!

Please see our corporate scavenger hunts page before you ask for a quote.