About Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun teambuilding activities and a great way to experience any location or venue in New York City including National Historic Landmarks such as Grand Central, Bryant Park, Times Square, Central Park, Union Square Park, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Bridge and…

This fun team challenge and shared experience are perfect for any group. A scavenger hunt is a fun, strategy game that empowers open communication and teamwork.

Scavenger hunts are the best choice for any team building event in New York City since they require both trust building and social interaction among your employees.

All our treasure and team building scavenger hunts have unique riddles, photos and search missions as well as ancient cryptology problem solving to make your day a great experience.

New York City museums and parks are among other venues as well as Brooklyn recreational areas.

With our scavenger hunts, any corporate event, school field trip, private party or friend meetup in New York City will be full of fun and excitement.

How does it work?

We simply design a printed roadbook full of mystic missions and fun challenges directing your teams to the landmarks of New York City.

For many years we have put great effort into providing you with the perfect excursions for this team building activity. Our scavenger hunts include both simple and more complex problem solving that will drive your teams to work together to solve some ancient cryptology.

No worries! Your teams will either solve the clues to find the solution hidden in the roadmap or choose to skip that task in order to proceed to the finish on time.

How many tasks and clues?

In our classical scavenger hunt, your teams should expect to solve 20-30 different tasks.

  • Solving riddles and encrypted messages,
  • Finding specific monuments or artworks,
  • Interaction with local people,
  • Photography missions,
  • Real-time directions from hunt master and agents via their smartphones.

All of the tasks are full of fun and require the contribution of everyone in the team!

A custom scavenger hunt event is designed with custom questions and missions to fit the requirements of a specific team. Customer tailored road books lead corporate teams to the ending point at their desired venue, hotel, restaurant or conference hall.

New York City Scavenger Hunt team building programs

How long does it take?

Our scavenger hunt programs last about 120 to 150 minutes. Your teams can always take a break to enjoy local food or experiences on their own. Each scavenger hunt has a pre-event brief and post-hunt evaluation session for scoring and to declare the winning team. The duration can always be customized according to the desired content and goal of a customized corporate team building event.

When is the best season for treasure hunts?

Whenever you want! Nothing can stop adventure. Summer, winter, rain, snow… Not only daytime but also evenings are a great time to explore the city and have fun via our scavenger hunts.

Who can join?

Scavenger and treasure hunts are perfect team building activity for every community and age provided they speak intermediate level English.

  • Individuals,
  • Any small and large groups,
  • Kids and adults,
  • School groups,
  • Friends and families,
  • Companies of all sizes will enjoy this rewarding experience in New York City

Team building programs in New York City

Why Scavenger Hunt?

Get ready for fun and explore the city in a unique way!

Since 2004, our original designs in a scavenger hunt and classical treasure hunts help teams have a great day through experiential learning. This includes:

  • an introduction to some ancient cryptology techniques,
  • finding hidden cultural treasures in the city,
  • finding new ways to communicate with others,
  • solving clues and completing photo missions

all while competing against other teams. These are just some of the experience that you will never forget.

Scavenger Hunt in New York City

Ancient Cryptology makes our Scavenger Hunt unique!

Scavenger hunts are flexible. Not only duration and the location of this team building activity but also content and messages in this event can easily be modified according to your need.
Any company or a community can easily integrate its corporate values, missions, and products to a scavenger hunt road book with our customization package.

Scavenger Hunt is the best team building activity for friend meetups, corporate team activity, incentive group activity, birthday party, product launch and more…

New York City Corporate Events Team building Scavenger Hunts

One of the world’s most iconic and visited cities, New York City welcomes your team with all its popular sites and landmarks right in the city and the neighborhoods.

Join our incentive trips, scavenger hunts and any other corporate team building activity for a rewarding experience in New York City.

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